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What does an umbrella have to do with Insurance?

Umbrellas are great for keeping the rain off you when it’s raining, and keeping the direct sunlight off you when you are at the beach.  But did you know there is another type of umbrella?  

A personal lines umbrella policy is an insurance policy with high liability limits designed to provide protection over other insurance policies like a homeowners or personal auto.  A personal lines umbrella policy can provide coverage in excess of other policies limits, and in some cases if coverage is excluded on other policies the umbrella will “drop down” to coUmbrellaver the loss.  Another point to consider is that legal defense costs are included with a personal lines umbrella.  Often for the cost of one hour’s consultation with an attorney – you could pay for the policy annual premium.

But who really needs an umbrella policy?  

Really anyone that wants to protect their personal and future assets is a candidate for an umbrella policy.  With the costs of lawsuits increasing, individuals need to protect their families as best they can.  An umbrella policy is an inexpensive way to do just that. An umbrella may also qualify you for an additional multi-policy discount on your auto and home policies.

The following are very real scenarios that might indicate you are a good candidate for an umbrella policy:

  • Do you own a home?  
  • Do you own a car?  
  • Do you have children?  
  • Do your children drive?  
  • Do you own a dog or other animals?  
  • Do you own a boat or Jet Ski?  
  • Do you own a motorcycle?  
  • Do you own a snowmobile?  
  • Do you entertain guests at your home?  
  • Do you provide alcohol to guests?  
  • Do you have a swimming pool?  
  • Do you have playground equipment?

Call or email your agent today to find out more about umbrella policies.  Perhaps it’s time your umbrella covered you for more than just sun and rain.