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Soup Wars 2017


Eat all

Harbor/Brenn held our own soup wars where we enjoyed a selection of seven different soups, made from scratch in the kitchens of some very talented insurance agents.  Who knew we had so many “foodies” amongst us!  We heard from many of you wanting to be judges, and even some who wanted to participate.  While I can’t tell you when the next soup war will be, I can tell you that dessert wars 2017 and appetizer wars 2017 will be coming soon!

However I was able to bribe six of our 6 soup stars to share their recipes with the masses.  Enjoy!


Tuscany ZuppaTuscany ZuppaClick here for recipe

Winner-Winner, Chicken Dinner.  This soup won 1st place in #soupwars2017 Janet Buchanan made this one and it was delicious with a little bit of a spicy kick!   And it is a slow cooker recipe no less.  Nothing better then preparing dinner before you go to work and having it ready by the time you get home!


Cheesy Cheeseburger

Cheesburger SoupClick here for recipe

Juliet Meyer made this one and it was yummy.  A perfect soup for the whole family, even the kids will eat it.



Sausage Kale

Sausage Kale SoupClick here for recipe

Ashley Whitney made this one and who knew kale could be so good in soup?  This is a great “use of the veggies” soup.  Ashley added mushrooms to the recipe this time, but regularly throws in any extra veggies in the fridge when making at home.  Ready for some more good news about this soup?  It is a Paleo recipe – it just can’t get any better!


Roasted Garlic

Roasted Garlic Soup

Roasted Garlic Morel Mushroom Soup – Click on the picture of the recipe to print.

Jenny Brower made this one and it was fantastic!  A great soup to make this spring after a day of morel hunting!



Venison Tuscany Zuppa


Venison Tuscany Zuppa – Lee Holbrook made this one.  It is the “Great White Hunter’s” version of the Tuscany Zuppa.



Creamy Coconut
Creamy Coconut & Turmeric Wild Rice SoupClick here for recipe

This was made by Karin Corcoran.  Who is Karin you ask?  Well she is the new face in the office (more on her in a later post) and she makes phenomenal soup!  Win-Win!


Lasagna SoupLasagna SoupClick here for recipe

This was made by Amy Eichler.  Note to chef – do not add the noodles till the very end otherwise they will soak up all the liquid and you will end up with goulash.  That may or may not happened during #soupwars2017.  But either way it is yummy.


We hope you enjoy!  Stay tuned for results of #dessertwars2017 and #appetizerwars2017 debuting later this year.