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Our plans – Environment as Stakeholder

Our first brainstorming sessions this year led us to discuss our environmental impact and how we can reduce it.  We created some goals around reducing our energy usage, reducing paper both internally and externally to clients, figuring out how we can promote rebuilding with “green” materials and expanding our reduce/reuse/recycle initiatives.

Here’s what we came up with:

Our goals:

    1. To reduce energy usage in the agency
      1. Upgrade lights from energy intensive fluorescent to LED (Completed Feb 2016)
      2. Research options for office cooling that don’t use air conditioning
      3. Research options to insulate building better (Completed attic insulation – March 2016)
      4. Replace old windows that are leaching heat in the winter. (received pricing & reviewing April 2016)
      5. Probably need to replace the front door
    2. To reduce the printing of paper (there’s A LOT with insurance policies) by encouraging paperless options wherever and whenever possible
        1. Goal 1000 clients receive paperwork electronically by April 2017
        2. Provide the technology & encourage utilization of Client Portal via our website where electronic copies of policies can be stored. Goal 750 clients by April 2017
        3. Purchase technology & utilize secure electronic signature options whenever possible (no printing!)
        4. Host a Shred Day at the recycling center – Shred/Recycle paper that is currently out there. (Completed – Earth day April 22, 2016)

    3. Internally, reduce the amount of paper used.
      1. Utilize technology available (dual monitors or more) to reduce the amount of paper we print.
      2. Get used to taking notes on a keyboard instead of a paper notepad
      3. Turn off more paper delivery options with our carriers
    4. Encourage carriers to develop “green” rebuilding endorsements – let’s provide the ability for someone who experiences a home loss to rebuild using “green” materials (which usually cost a bit more).
    5. Encourage carriers to develop “green” car endorsements – after a total loss, maybe we can figure out a way to provide extra incentive to replace with an eco-friendly car?
    6. Continue to recycle everything possible (sensitive documents shredded first).
      1. Sign up for paper recycling pickup – paper towel/kleenex/coffee grounds etc.
      2. Change business cards to 100% post consumer paper (Completed April 2016)
      3. Talk to Lindsay Walker :)

We also decided to look at our work environment (a bit of a different take on the conversation)

    1. Continue to offer a pet friendly office.
    2. Flexible work schedule
      1. Family is important and takes priority (whether it’s kids, parents or fur babies)
      2. The team pitches in as needed to make sure the client isn’t penalized.
    3. Provide technology that allows working from home as needed
    4. Support individual volunteer passions – whether that’s monetarily or time based.
    5. Friday Bells (inside secret :))