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Meet the Staff Monday – Cali Meyer


California Meyer

Cali PostHi! My name is California Dreamin’ or as I am more commonly known as; Cali. I am a five year old Golden Retriever English Cream. I was born downstate and my mom likes to think she picked me, but reality is I picked her. I climbed right into her lap and that was that. As much as I am a princess and a momma’s girl, I really love my Dad. In fact some of my favorite things involve my adventures with him. We love to go swamp dogging, antler shed hunting, hiking in the woods, swimming, chasing the ball or riding in his truck.

When I am not on all the adventures I can be found most days working aka sleeping in my office at Harbor Brenn with my Mom. I am a regular in the office, and I know all the good treat spots at work. In fact you might find me sprinting to certain offices. If this is the case, WATCH OUT I don’t stop while on the path for treats. My mom calls me Beyoncé because I am “Miss Independent” and can be a little sassy. But don’t let the sass fool you, I am a Golden Retriever and just love to smile and get some good pets, oh and a treat or bone!