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Important tips for families of college bound students!

CollegeHard to believe that it is that time of year.  Summer will soon come to an end and most everyone will resume their back to school schedule. But what if you have a student who is headed to college this year:

  • Are they staying in a dorm or renting an apartment?
  • Are they sharing a home with some friends?
  • Are they taking a computer with them?
  • What about the car?
  • Do they have a smart phone?

Our friends at Cincinnati Insurance have some great tips for college bound families.

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School Supply List:

  • Pencils
  • Paper
  • Backpack
  • Harbor/Brenn Mobile App

Our mobile App will come in handy for your high tech college student.

GenericWhile packing your student for college be sure to utilize our mobile App to inventory all the items that they are taking with them, such as sports equipment, tv’s, computers, cell phones, etc. You will be able to take photos, and enter all the information about each item. Once completed you can keep a copy for yourself and send the information to your agent right from the App.

Another great feature is the ability to share the App with family members. If your student is taking a vehicle to college with them, once the application is downloaded on their phone they will have access to electronic proofs of insurance. They will also have valuable information about what to do if they are in an accident right on their fingertips. They can even take photos of the damage.

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