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Five Unusual and Unique Items Covered by Insurance

The world of insurance has seen its fair share of unique and unusual items covered over the years. While it’s challenging to pinpoint a single item as the most unique, there are a few notable examples that stand out:

Celebrity Body Parts: In the realm of entertainment, some celebrities have insured their distinctive body parts, which are central to their careers. For instance, multiple musicians and singers have insured their voices, while actors, actresses, and sports stars have insured body parts such as legs, hands, or even smiles. These policies account for potential loss of income if the insured body part is damaged or rendered unusable.

David Beckham, an iconic soccer star, for instance, was allegedly reported to have not only a policy for his legs, feet, and 10 toes but was also covered in the event of disfigurement for $195 million back in 2006, widely considered the largest personal insurance policy in sports history at that time.

Alien Abduction Insurance: Believe it or not, there are companies that offer alien abduction insurance policies. While the legitimacy and payout of such policies may be questionable, they provide a unique form of coverage for individuals who wish to protect themselves against the unexpected event of being abducted by extraterrestrial beings.

-Fantasy Sports Teams: With the rise of fantasy sports leagues, some individuals have taken their dedication to a whole new level by insuring their fantasy sports teams. These policies often offer financial compensation if key players on the insured team suffer significant injuries or are unable to perform, impacting the fantasy team’s performance and potential winnings.

Taste Buds: Certain individuals who work in the food and beverage industry, such as sommeliers or professional tasters, have obtained insurance coverage for their taste buds. These policies protect against the loss of their ability to discern flavors, which could significantly impact their careers.

Hayleigh Curtis, a chocolate taster for Cadbury had her taste buds insured for $1.33 million through Lloyds of London.  Her taste buds were incredibly important to her job in order to create new chocolate innovations and maintain the quality of Cadbury’s products.

Facial Hair: In the realm of facial hair, notable personalities like musicians, actors, and even Santa Claus impersonators have insured their iconic beards or mustaches. This coverage ensures financial protection if their distinctive facial hair is damaged or destroyed.

These examples illustrate the diverse and unconventional aspects of insurance coverage beyond traditional items. Insurance companies often adapt to unique needs and circumstances, offering customized policies that cater to specific risks or valuable assets.