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Meet the Staff Monday – Karin Corcoran

By April 10, 2017July 26th, 2021Community, Staff

Karin Corcoran

Karin Family Karin SUper

What is your position at Harbor/Brenn?

Account Executive – Commercial Lines

How long have your worked for Harbor/Brenn?

I started 3/1/17 so 1 ½ months

How long have you worked in the insurance industry?

I’ve worked in the insurance industry for approximately 8 ½ years total. For 8 ½ years, I assisted employers in the administration of their Employee Benefits programs. I’ve worked with business owners and employees in the Petoskey, Boyne City, Gaylord, and Traverse City areas. Starting at Harbor/Brenn begins a new and exciting journey to master commercial insurance and help people along the way.

What is your favorite part about your position in our company?

Since I started as of 3/1/17, my time has been spent studying for the Property & Casualty licensing exam…for which I recently PASSED! As I start to talk the talk and walk the walk of commercial insurance, I feel excitement every day to go to work feeling the support of those around me. Every co-worker is genuinely patient, kind, and willing to help! These amazing qualities serve our customers well, and it is also how we treat each other internally on a daily basis.

What organizations are you a part of both professionally and personally?

The past 7 years have been very baby/child focused and now that the kids are a bit more self-sufficient, I am finding my way back to volunteer activities and events that I was very much involved in, in previous years. Currently, I make the commitment to volunteer in Jonah’s Kindergarten classroom at Sheridan every Tuesday and have taken on the “Try It Tuesday” presentations in the classroom once a month. It is SO fun to serve out of the box food to kindergarteners, knowing that everyone must try.

What do you do in your free time/hobbies?

What’s Free Time?  For the small amount of “me” time that comes my way, “I” enjoy 5-6 mile walks, exercising, reading a book.   However, most of our free time is spent on house projects. For 15 out of the past 16 years, Shawn never let me paint inside the house and then one day I picked up a paintbrush and proved myself…we make quite a team and just finished painting our entire main floor.

Do you have kids, pets, and family/married?

I am married to Shawn (who works at American Spoon Foods.) We have 2 boys, Jonah (6 yrs.) and Miles (5 yrs. on 4/12.) We have 2 indoor cats and recently Grandpa persuaded us that every boy needs his own dog growing up so we also now have a 14 week old Shichon (half Shih Tzu/half Bichon Frise.) I am excited for him to learn the ways of the office once he starts coming to work with me this summer.

What city do you live in?


What is your favorite thing to do in Northern Michigan?

Be Outside! The landscape at our house, coupled with the age of our boys, allows us to have fun in all seasons. We have a 70 foot waterslide in the summer and are able to create sledding runs in the winter. We don’t have to go far to enjoy our friends, neighbors, and all the kiddos that come along for the fun.

What is your favorite season in Northern Michigan?

Before Shawn and I had kids, I would have said that winter is my favorite season (for the clothes, fleece, and turtlenecks.) Now that we have young kids, I can say that hands down Summer is our favorite season for the lack of having to deal with bulky boots, jackets, extra child outfits, and trying to stuff a poofball of a jacket into a narrow car seat. Bring on the shorts and crocs…and cut them loose!