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Meet the Staff Monday – Askum Eichler

AskumHello, my name is Askum…  I know it’s an unusual name, but my parents have that kind of sense of humor, please don’t blame me!   I was a rescue dog, my old owners did not take very good care of me, and eventually just dropped me off to fend for myself, I’m glad they did though, after about 3 days of running non-stop my parents neighbor found me, my parents were head over heels for me and it was all up-hill from there!

I don’t come to the office every day, I have some anxiety so it can be stressful for me, however, I LOVE my co-workers, they have the best treats and always come and visit me when I’m in the office!  My mom is trying to get me acquainted and socialized with people, because of how I was treated before it’s not easy for me to trust everyone, but once I do… you won’t be able to come by without getting a puppy hug from me!